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December 2014



Preparing for New Year: 7 Fun 2015 Calendars

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fun 2015 calendars tale of the great

Hey, guys! Lesia here.  I’ve had a rather entertaining and fulfilling week which also left me a bit behind on my blog. I’m pretty sure you’ve been busy yourselves, with the holidays breathing in our backs. I’m going to Amsterdam on Tuesday to stay with my boyfriend for Christmas, New Years and a valuable piece of January, and I’m feeling absolutely great about it.

This year I’m managing to prepare for the end of the year much better than last time. First off, I’m done with all the most important gifts for the most important people. I guess, having a strict deadline such as a plane flight can be very motivating. Anyway, right now all my wrapping paper is  about gone, and I hope to stock up after the holidays (hope there’s going to be lots of discounts, the paper on Etsy really got me excited).

December seems to be the most expensive month in the year. All these sudden purchases don’t make life very easy, but certainly very pleasant. So, I went to the city center in search of books, gifts, and all things sparkly. I guess I’ll share what I gave to whom after the holidays, but the process was certainly lots of fun. And I had to get myself something. And I did. But there’s more stuff on my list, like a wall calendar. I’ve never had one and just like with the organizers, I have my eye on one rather pretty option. But why stop at one, when there’s so many? So I decided to share with you this hopefully helpful post for last-moment shopping. So here are 7 cute and fun 2015 calendars:

1. Barbie 16-Month Wall Calendar - priced  at 14.99 $

2. Anthropologie Wildlife 2015 Calendar – priced at 24 $

3. 2015 Les Femmes Calendar by Garance Dore (sold-out everywhere but on her website) – priced at  26 $

4. Downton Abbey 2015 Calendar - priced at 14.99 $

5. Loulou’s Pug Calendar (from MEETTHEPUGS on Etsy) – priced at 14.99 €

6. Red Camper 2015 Calendar - priced at 28.00 $

7. Cities by rooftop 2015 Calendar (from IdlewildCo on Etsy) – discounted at 15.11 €

The funny thing is, with our current exchange rate I guess we’ll have to opt for some cheaper options, or maybe skip the calendars altogether to focus on cooler stuff, such as winter boots, fridges and cars. A glimpse into Russia – can you believe they’re all selling out at terrible rates? But a girl sure can dream. I think the best kind of calendar is an illustrated one, you get to see a piece of somebody else’s world and some of them are so pretty I’m sure I couldn’t wait to fold to the next page.

Do you use calendars? I just love circling dates and making my little marks but such pretty calendars are much better off unspoiled. Can you guess which one is my favorite? Go on, I dare you! Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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December 2014



The Perfect Gift for a fashion blogger

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Hello :) How’s it going, guys? About done gift shopping or only starting to look for gifts? That’s okay. I keep reading all these blogger gift guides we love so much to put together and I get my own inspiration to do some specific gift posts myself. But this time I went in a different direction and pulled together a post of gifts that would be perfect not only for a girl that likes to be in the loop and in trend, but also keeps a blog/vlog/a strong web presence.

I thought about the things I considered cool and here’s what I found: 7 options of the perfect gift for a fashion blogger! Can’t wait to hear your feedback :)

 1. South Parade smoke black cotton-modal “Oh My Blog” t-shirt: I hoped to find more prints concerning bloggers but this one really hits the spot.

2. Forever 21 Striped Celfie Graphic Tee: People love selfies. It is known. Maybe it’s time for a little irony?

3. Urban Outfitters Photo Series Fisheye Phone Lens: The fisheye lens is a good thing to have if you use Instagram a lot. And surprisingly, this package is quite affordable. Other options I researched started out from 50 euros.

4. H&M Iphone 5-5s Case: I’m a big fan of the Iphone cases (having a Samsung myself, this makes complete sense, eh?). This one is fancy and will definitely go with a festive outfit for the upcoming holidays.

5. Anthropologie Letter & Stone Posts: Those small earrings are great for a small gift since they’re so cute, personalized, and light.

6. River Island Blogger Sweatshirt on ASOS: I crave this sweatshirt! Not everyone can say he’s a full-time fashion blogger, but if you know someone, get them this sweatshirt. They truly deserve it! All the effort…

7. Anthropologie Miss Albright Monogram Pouch: Monograms are definitely in fashion after the appearance of the famous monogrammed Burberry cape on Olivia Palermo. If you’re on a smaller budget, I’m sure these pouches will do just fine!

8. White Crewneck Crop It Like It’s Hot Sweatshirt from TeesAndTankYouShop: I just keep on reading it like “crop it like it’s shot” because sometimes no cropping at all is the best kind of cropping…

Maybe I’m overly excited about all these gadgets, but I really think that the digital age has brought us so much potential, opportunities and chances that even if we’re not bloggers, we can enjoy something we create on our own. Like photographs, for example, or sharing texts, reviews and thoughts on websites like Trip Advisor, helping others, joining a community and creating a corner where everything is just the way we want it. It makes us more responsible and also, risky, because we’re following new trends, coming up with unknown solutions and experimenting all the time. The important thing about being tied in the web is to maintan control of your life, be able to let go and do what you need to do. And I hope that we can do all that, and more, and definitely find awesome gifts for people we like and love! :)

What’s an awesome gift for a blogger (not only fashion bloggers) in your opinion? What would you like to get, as a blogger? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE if you liked this post:

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December 2014



Keeping warm

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When I’m pulling together a certain look I always choose one main piece to work with. In this case it was the coat since winter came and so did the perfect chance to show it in the outdoors while keeping warm.

So, here’s my astrakhan coat with a marten collar. The origins unknown, modernized by me. A while ago I had a coat that had a bit of damage done to it and required some repairs. While searching for somebody up for the job I found no such person but another coat perfect for fixing and experimenting with the first one myself (a flea market in Bologna, Italy helped).  Not before long did I realise that the newly purchased coat was too good to waste it on repair purposes but now good enough to wear is in its current condition. I just had to  buy another coat (the Naschmarkt fleamarket in Vienna, Austria) and turn 3 slightly damaged fur coats into 2 whole fur coats and one vest (still have some fur accessories in my “project list”).

The take-on / take-off fur collar is made out of two marten furs, and I console myself with the fact that the martens died long before meeting me. But I love them now not any less than I could love them in their living state. We just weren’t lucky enough to meet then.

Since the coat isn’t extra-large, the fur hat is allowed to be huge to balance the outfit. I got this polar fox hat on a local “Yunona” market in St. Petersburg last winter. Now it’s definitely more expensive.
I decided to complete the look by a simple pair of boots. They’re made of a mix of leather and fur in “Centro”. I bought them accidentally: was passing by and couldn’t stop myself from geting them when I got the idea to decorate them with an insert of astrakhan fur. Now I’m very happy in my stylish and warm boots.

The mittens are also fur on the inside, suede on the outside. Youngsters, don’t argue, there’s nothing better than natural fur and natural materials in cold winter times.
The two-tone tights are just a perfect addition. Brand: Teatro. Purchased in Stockholm. Looked just as well on the mannequins.
My dress is made of real wool and had a rich past life being a pair of men’s pants (some things you just can’t wipe clean).
If you are a woman but you love to wear men’s clothing while still looking feminine, maybe this is the way to wear a man’s trousers. The design author is unknown, sadly. But I’m sure I can find similar designs in the city center of Helsinki anyway.





December 2014



A Little Liebster Blog Award Q&A

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Hey there! How's your Monday so far? Today I'm sharing with you a little spontaneous Q&A. The known to many Liebster Blogger Award reached me as well thanks to Polina, a russian blogger, and I decided that since the questions are quite fun, it will be also a cool read. So, let's get to it.

1. Do you make an effort to follow the current trends when shopping for clothes?
When I'm clothes shopping, I pay attention to the kind of clothes that I think suit my figure type. The fashion trends are also important but I tend not to notice them until they're all over the streets.

2. Do you make an effort to stick to fashion trends when shopping for interior objects?
Right now I don't do any interior shopping since I don't have my own apartment and my space is quite limited. But once I'll face this mission, I know the way I'll handle the decision-making: I'll review the posts of my favorite design and interior bloggers, pick a fresh copy of The World of Interiors , Architecture & Design, and will make sure to run over and get the fresh Ikea catalogue. Inspiration, here I come!

3. Describe your style with one word only.

4. The last store where you bought something for yourself.

I didn’t do much of internet-shopping lately, so I’ll tell you about the real life shopping. A couple of days ago I spoiled myself with some new OPI nailpolishes from the mini sets called Nordic and Mini Holiday Stars, also got a 02 Radiant Vanilla concealer from Sephora and a yoga mat.

5. What made you start a blog?

Despite the fact that I got into blogging in 2013 which is pretty much a couple of years later than the real blog boom, the idea was very new to me. I got the idea after reading a russian girl’s blog called TheVeryUK. I thought it was quite a cool way to tell about my travels to come. I was planning a couple of short trips, which didn’t end up on the blog but I started it anyway and have been blogging since summer 2013.

6. What’s your next step after blogging going to be? Or maybe you’ll be the next world-known blogger and this will be your main occupation? 

Honestly, I like the idea of blogging for a living. I can’t say I’ve dreamed of popularity but in the same time I’d really like to be world-known so many people would find something interesting in what I have to say. For me a blog isn’t just a step but a lifestyle which I really like. At the moment I can’t imagine myself blog-less.

7. Do you aspire to be an example to your readers?

It’s a hard topic for me. Every person is unique, and that’s true. I don’t try to seem smarter than I am or convince everybody that my way is the only right way. I’m doing things the way I do them and the main thing I want my readers to get from Tale Of The Great is that living life to the fullest is possible when you’re being yourself, doing what you love, accepting yourself, and moving forward. I want to be happy with my life, so I’m doing what I love.

8. Is there somebody in the blogosphere who sets an example for you? Who is that person?

To me, that person suddenly became Kristina Bazan, author of the widely famous blog Kayture. She became crazy popular without a series of financial backers helping her out, all by her talent and hard work. She’s always focused, ready to work, always writing, on the move, incredibly active. It’s a pleasure to read how she’s telling the story of her life.  When I read her I want to be just as determined as her. When a person really loves what she does and is prepared to do it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it’s truly inspirational. I want to be just as hard-working and unbeatable.

9. If we look past all the technicalities, in which country do you want to live?

When I was a kid I dreamed of living in Switzerland. I was especially in love with the idea of neutrality, which may have been related to living in Israel at the time. I imagined a cozy life in the country, half an hour drive from the big city, in a 2-floor house preferrably with a pool, 2 horses, a dog and a great husband. Right now I’m dreaming of becoming a world citizen, travelling much with the people that make me happy.

10. What’s your ideal week-end like?

I really love sleeping but my idea weekend would go like this: waking up at 9, fully rested. Preparing a tasty breakfast from some amazing and difficult recipe, playing games with my boyfriend (computer, boardgames, doesn’t matter), going on a bicycle ride and heading out to town together for a relaxed lunch. More plans for the day to come: meeting up with my parents and friends, find a couple of hours for a photoshoot, go to the cinema with a bucket of warm tasty popcorn, and learn something new. Don’t forget a bit of shopping for items that have been too long on my wishlist. And even better if all this can be paired with a spontaneous trip to a new location. Great, huh?

11. What’s your ideal monday like? 

My ideal monday hasn’t been real yet, sadly. Waking up early, doing some exercise, and heading out into town to work in a high pace: doing photoshoots, interviews, planning new blogposts, creating amazing photographs, and taking a lunch break in the city. For St. Petersburg that would be Pizza Hut, they have an amazing business lunch deal from 12 to 16 with a cream champignon soup to-die-FOR! In the evening I would return to my house with a sense of accomplishment and light hunger, have dinner with my favorite people and curl in a comfy chair with a book or a laptop, and go to sleep happy.

So, now’s the time for new nominants! I’ve picked three great girls who I’d like to know more about and I’m sure you’d like to as well. The Liebster Blogger Award goes to… Mariah-Ruthel, Kate Wilson, and Saffron Peacock

So, ladies, here are my questions for you:

1. Let’s talk about your blog. What made you start it and what makes you keep writing?

2. Tell us about one interesting person you met thanks to your blog.

3. What are your hobbies besides blogging?

4. Which clothes item are your ready to splurge on? What might that be, shoes, bags, dresses? Why?

5. Who is a style inspiration for you?  Name him/her.

6. Tell us about your favorite book.

7. Who is your ideal self? What are you dressed into, what’s your job and what are you generally like?

8. Name one blog post you have been wanting to do for a while but just couldn’t bring yourself to do it yet.

9. Name a couple of bloggers who are absolute must-reads to you and whose updates you just have to follow!

10. The 2014 purchase you are most proud of is?

11. Share your blogging plans for 2015.

All right! Let’s wait for those posts then! And in the meanwhile, share something personal with me and tell me about your 2015 goals  and plans to come?

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December 2014



The Anti Monte-Carlo Tour

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This Sunday we’re entertaining you with a new blogpost from Natalia, an experienced traveller and mom and the contributor of Tale Of The Great. She’ll share with you bits and pieces of her trip to Monaco and explain why it the Anti Monte-Carlo Tour might not be so worth it if you’re on a budget…

Want an awesome vacation in Monte-Carlo for a budget? Well, let me tell you, that dreamy vacation isn’t always as dreamy as planned.

The little is Monaco surrounded by a cloud of guesses, conversations and dreams of luxurious lifestyle. Is Monte-Carlo really the capital of luxurious and beautiful life? How did you imagine it? Something like this?


Picture found on Pinterest.com

That’s not Monte-Carlo!

Monte-Carlo is made of high-rise buildings, holding onto the slippery slopes, hotels for those “lucky ones” who are prepared to pay hundreds of euros a night for a standard hotel room.


The architecture… doesn’t it remind you a local sanatorium in USSR?


And how do the people lucky enough to get here look? Crowds of tourists, many of whom speak if not the russian language then one of the slavic languages, wearing worn-out shorts and flip-flops, struck down by the heat and dust, walking by the seaside the approach to which is restricted. Funny enough, there are no cafes on the embankment.


Even the free seagull doesn’t count on it’s own skill and chooses the beggar way. Which doesn’t work on the hungry tourist.


What is the available entertainment? Well, for one, notice a Lamborghini, take a picture of Ferrari, steal a moment and touch the damn car, acting like you don’t notice the screaming tone of the window A4 spread sheet saying«Please do not touch!!», lean quickly and take a selfie.

monaco-6monte-carlo-tour monaco-9

Or just admire the mass-market version of the princess of Monaco.


You can also enjoy the sights of the famous casino or pay 10 euros to get inside.


(Taking pictures inside isn’t allowed, so sorry, no picture)

They say that some actually win something. But more often than not the players arriving to the casino by their fancy cars leave solo and with empty pockets. Is this the true dream of a luxurious vacation?

That’s all that expects a budget tourist in Monte-Carlo.

monaco-7 monaco-4

Is that what you really want?

Next week we’ll be telling you about awesome spots worth spending money on in St. Petersburg. Meanwhile, please follow the updates of Tale Of The Great

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December 2014



SPB Quality food: Cafe Polet

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Кафе Полет СПБHey all! This post is going to be about SPB quality food, which is a topic I really love to explore. In the end of october I decided to test out the new hype taxi service that is probably too well known everywhere else in the world – Uber. And by taking a ride in that gorgeous Mercedes I got a gift certificate for a 1 person dinner in the Polet cafe on Pestela st. 7 in the heart of St. Petersburg. As it usually happens with me, I waited till the expiration date almost hit it but last saturday evening I kicked myself and went out ready to find out something new.

I just want to start this post by saying it was awesome! Often free gift certificates don’t mean awesome service (at least, here. Yeah, Biglion and Groupon, I’m looking at you!) but this time to say I’m impressed is an understatement. For starters, Polet has a great minimalistic modern design, a great lounge playlist, beautiful candlelights on a dark evening and cool waiters.

Apparrently, the certificate was for a whole dinner, and let me tell you, Polet is the kind of place you go when you’re ready to splurge on quality food. So, let’s continue with my culinary journey…


Avocado tar tar with crispy dill.

I’m a huge fan of dill. It’s just a fact of life anybody who had lunch or lived with me (not as many people as you might think) knows. I can consume large chunks of fresh dill, but never before have I encountered crispy dill. From the brief explanation of the waiter I gathered it’s fried in some way, which explains the crispy texture, and the overall awesome taste. Avocado, some kind of balsamic sauce and dill – my perfect entree.


Venison sausage with young cones and parsley root puree.

A real delicacy with real cones! I was surprised the cones really felt quite meaty, but together with the medium rare sausage the ensemble was really something.


Chocolate and beetroot cake with cherry mousse.

The only imaginable con to this dessert is its size. The cake itself reminded me a brownie, somehow I didn’t feel the beetroot at all, but even though I was completely full by then that mousse really got me to say it is “finger-licking good”.


Okay, so if we’re talking numbers, the average bill won’t be less than 1000 rubles per person without drinks (since the exchange rate is fluctuating so much right now, I’d like to say it’s going to be no less than 15 euros, which does seem a silly price to anybody… not russian). Polet is meant for haute cuisine lovers, people who value quality service, interesting taste combinations and great service. And also couples on dates, cause it can be business-casual style and fancy candlelight dinner style too.

The kitchen is open till 23:00, the restaurant closes at 24:00. When I arrived the lounge playlist was playing at full strength and got tuned down as it got later and later in the evening. The space is decorated with minimalistic furniture and modern art, and the setting is perfect for an after meal cup of cocoa and sweet bisquits, reading a lifestyle magazine.

So, see you in Polet! And what are your recent to-die for finds?

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December 2014



Monochrome Winter

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Hello there, dear friends! :) Today I’m reviving the tradition of outfit posts with an outfit that I can only call monochrome winter. My abandoning of the outfit posts can be explained by the roughly uncomfortable temperatures that I keep experiencing in St. Petersburg. This winter isn’t even in full mode yet and we experienced the first snow not too long ago, yet it’s past mid-season coat time and the perfect moment to get serious. Honestly, I dunno how all the cool pro fashion bloggers do it in the winter. I only have a couple of winter coats and my outerwear couldn’t get more boring. But even I have a few tricks up my sleeve, and I guess the key to keeping an appearance fresh is accessorizing. Like getting mittens, for example. Hehe.

The most controversial piece of this outfit is the fur hat, which I still can’t regret buying because it’s too warm to not have it. I’m also showing off my new winter El Tempo boots that I purchased a couple of weeks ago and I am very pleased with them. Perfect fit, good design, thick wool inside and real leather too. I still can’t get tired of wearing this awesome pleated  faux-leather Zara skirt, which isn’t available any longer on the website, but you might still find it in the store. I paired it with a pretty standard white blouse decorated with a catchy “Let’s get to the party” phrase you can’t completely see. Sorry, but it was a pretty cold day! We shot this and got into the car very very quickly :)






See the rest of the photos…



December 2014



The Best 2015 Planner Picks

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best 2015 planner picks

Hey there! Today I’m sharing a post on the best 2015 planner picks which I wanted to do since last year, only then I didn’t have as much information on cool year planners, so this December I’m finally sharing with you my finds. Now’s the perfect time to search for that planner which just might keep you company through 2015. This year I used a simple black Moleskine because I didn’t find anything better in real-life stores. I usually go for day to day pages and lots of space to write down thoughts, bits of interviews and similar stuff. So, this time I’m looking at more fun organizers and:

  1. 2015 12 months – Moleskine Minnie Mouse Daily Planner – I couldn’t help but include a Moleskine in this post because a) it’s a classic, b) it’s got a fancy edition and Minnie Mouse is timeless. This is a hardcover, 1 page a day kind of Moleskine.
  2. Red Carpet 2015 Diary – For all the fashionistas and ready to splurge on a stylish diary, this is the way to go. This planner from Henry Bendel has a custom illustration cover,and a month & week-at-a-view.
  3. Centennial Stripe 2015 Diary – Okay, I admit it, I just have a thing for stripes. It has the same layout as the Red Carpet diary but it’s really stylish.
  4. Anthropologie Mon Cahier 2015 Journal – This spacious journal includes a world map, yearly schedule, memorandum and monthly and weekly planners. And there’s lots of space for your notes too!
  5. 2015 Planners by A Beautiful Mess – The famous bloggers from A Beautiful Mess created their limited edition 2015 planners. They come in three different designs: the pink above, rainbow stripes, and minimalistic white with black markings. It’s really motivational, it’s got inspirational quotes starting every month, a pocket for documents, and much more. So hurry up, cause they’ll sell out before the week’s over.
  6. The Collective 2015 Diary – The diary from the Renegade Collective magazine crew has a special offer. With every Little Black Bag purchased on collectivehub.com you will receive a 2015 Collective Diary for free!
  7. The 2015 Day Designer – In my honest opinion, the most awesome organizer on this list is the Day Designer for creatives. I’m desperately craving one of those. You can organize your schedule and also fill out daily to-do lists, see your long-term plans with the year, month, week overviews and much more…

So, what organizer have you been using in 2014? Have you found your dream planner for 2015 yet? Let me know in the comments and sign up for blog updates:

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December 2014



Natali Leskova & Daniele Carlotta: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Day St. Petersburg SS 2015

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Day

Hey all! It’s Lesia here with an update on what’s been happenin lately. Let’s start with the weekend. Yesterday on a not-so-late Sunday evening it was the second time I went to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Day St. Petersburg. This time I went to see the two shows of Natali Leskova & Daniele Carlotta in the company of my mother and they didn’t disappoint. The stage was one of my favorite hotels in St. Petersburg, Corinthia.

If you’re not familiar with Natali Leskova, it’s a local designer that likes using St. Petersburg sights as prints on her clothing. Her skirts are very popular over here,  and pretty too. Actually, a great souvenir purchase. And the Spring-Summer collection is very inspired by nature, featuring all kinds of skirts, dresses and blouses with sea wave prints, khaki and dark blue colors. Here are some of the designs I really liked:

Natali Leskova Mercedes-Benz Fashion Day St. Petersburg

One of my favorite designs in her collection is the pant-blouse look:

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November 2014



Admiralty Needle 2014 – International Contest of Young Designers

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admiralteyskaya-igla (18 of 23)

Hello, dear readers! Today’s post will be a bit unusual, there are some upcoming changes in my blog. Actually, my blog is going to have two authors now. Welcome Natalia, my mother, and a remarkable woman. The concept of the blog isn’t going to change but expand. We want to show that we are different and enjoy different things, I like eating out, she likes museums, we both like fashion and have different takes on everything. So, it’s going to be really fun to explore the differences and share them with you.

nataliaNatalia is a fashion lover, an experienced traveler, a mom, and the most active person I know. When travelling she looks for cultural experiences, affordable but quality shopping and local experiences.
A true fashionista, Natalia is creating her own designs and making her own clothing.
Today she is sharing her impressions from a young designer competition "Admiralteyskaya Igla 2014".

Late autumn isn’t the most enjoyable time for me: cold air is circulating closer and closer to my legs, dark time of the day lasts longer and longer. Nature freezes in time. Trees shed their yellow covers quicker and quicker, probably obsessed by the idea of true green summer.

In this twilight, in the middle of pre-winter November St. Petersburg has played the part of the host in the wonderful fashion and design feast: Admiralty Needle 2014 is an international contest of young designers. Such an explosion of new ideas, coloring the grey background of the city anew. The Admiralty Needle 2014 connects the future and the present, the reality and the most hopeful expectations and giving an opportunity to  create the unexpected in clothing design and accessories.

Most of all, I love that this competition isn’t formal or over organized. I like the young models. The fact that anyone can walk in and stay to watch, get a comfortable seat and enjoy the show. I like the spacious halls, and the fact that the viewers are so different and they definitely have such different expectations and ideas of what fashion is. Just look at their faces. How interested they seem, how expressive! I had the opportunity to see the semi-finals of the Pret-A-Porter de Luxe & Pret-A-Porter Diffusion. I hope you enjoy these fragments with me.

Thank you for the festivities, Admiralty Needle! There’s only one wish: I hope in the future you will publish the name of all the contestants so we can remember those young talents and track them later. 

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